The FOREM make his buzz

This evening is saw the new campaign “FOREM: attrape lucky bunny”, the television advertising was funny and ask you to visit, what i did.

I was really disappointed, the little 3D bunny from television was really funny but once your visit the website it figure that he changed, he is now a simple sketch (a little bit ugly) .

However the all website is made in flash, why not include the little 3D bunny ? why not use all the technologies available ?


2 Responses to “The FOREM make his buzz”

  1. Aymeric Says:

    Hello. I am the one who did the concept of lucky bunny. If we had to do the bunny this way for the website, it is only because we had no time. Indeed, we’ve been doing the website while filming the movies and we had to take decisions to deliver everything on time. We couldn’t do all we wanted on the website and the concept has been a little reduced. But this campaign is a huge step for us and if there are enough connexions to it and subscriptions to the FOREM through it, i am sure the next year’s one will be even better. Really glad to know you enjoyed the movie. The second one will be on screen in two weeks. Enjoy.

  2. Ced Says:

    Hi, really glad too see that you can accept comments over your job (it’s really rare).

    I imagine very well the problem with short deadlines, and i’m sure that this campaign will have great succes, because the concept is nice.

    I’am impatient to see the rest and hope you will make a lot of other campaign for the FOREM.


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